Douro River, Portugal

Douro River, Portugal

Douro River, Portugal


Quinta do Crasto – Portugal

Quinta do Crasto - Portugal

The colors after the harvest! – Douro Valley, Portugal

Quinta do Crasto – Wines of Portugal

Quinta do Crasto, Portugal – 1800 feet above sea level!

Portugal’s most famous wine has always been Port but…

This winery is located in the Douro Valley, 90 minutes west from the city of Porto.

The Douro Valley, with the Douro River running through it (D’oro of gold,) refers to the color of the water at sunset!

Quinta do Crasto can be traced back to 1615A.D., long before the Douro became the world’s first demarcated or established wine region in 1756. Today at one of the vineyard sites we can still see one of the granite markers dating 1758.

There are more than 100 indigenous grape varieties planted in the Douro Valley.

Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz (Temptranillo in Spain) and Tinta Franca are the predominantly planted varieties.

The soil of the Douro Valley is predominantly composed of Schist.

The winery dedicates most of their production to red wines. Following the Portuguese tradition some of the red grapes planted end in production of Porto wine. A white wine is also produced, and if you haven’t yet taste it don’t lose any more time. A perfect seafood pairing!Image

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